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You only have one chance to make a first impression and the way you communicate can change people’s impressions about you. For this reason, any document you distribute, no matter the content or type, should be well structured, well versed and accurate to lend it and you by extension greater credibility and professionalism.

So, if you need your work perfectly edited, proofread or translated at competitive rates, then you have come to the right place. I can help you achieve perfection in your work.

About me

Tharina van Rensburg

I am a highly skilled and trained freelance proofreader, editor and translator with about five years' experience as a language service provider. I offer my proofreading, editing, translation and formatting services under the name of Perfectly Edited.

I received my Ba Languages: English Studies degree from the University of Pretoria at the end of 2010. During my three-year course, my modules included English Editing, English for Specific Purposes (grammar) and Introduction to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages as well as various translation and English literary modules.

I then continued to complete my Ba (Hons): Translation and Professional Writing degree with distinction at the end of 2011. My modules during this one-year course included English Editing, Text Evaluation, Creative Writing and Writing for the Media as well as various translation and English literary modules.

After completing my honours degree, I started working on freelance editing, translation and transcription projects, before accepting a full-time position at a publishing firm. At this publishing firm, I further developed my editing and proofreading skills while working on various projects in a wide variety of fields (for example, editing two bi-monthly and one bi-annual magazines on scuba diving, governmental annual reports and engineering reports). I proved my skills time and again and, after two years, was promoted to Assistant Editor. During my time in the high-pressure and extremely deadline-driven publishing industry, I learned the importance of sticking to a deadline while maintaining high quality standards.

After two and a half years at the publishing firm, I decided to work as a freelance proofreader, editor and translator again and provide careful, meticulous and quality work which is always delivered on time to perfection.

I am furthermore a member of the Professional Editors' Guild and adhere to their code of conduct.

Graduated Ba Languages: English Studies
Graduated Ba (Hons): Translation and Professional Writing (with distinction)
Started working at a publishing firm as Junior Copy Editor and Document Co-ordinator
Promoted to Assistant Editor at a publishing firm
Started working as freelance proofreader, editor and translator

Her work is of an exceptionally high standard and she is a valuable asset to our team.

What I do

I provide professional and thorough editing, proofreading and translation services for many document types in many fields. Your document will be polished to the highest possible quality standards for a final version that is perfectly proofread or edited, without distorting your personal style.


My expert proofreading service is a light form of editing and includes preparing your document by checking for major errors in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation as well as word usage.

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My comprehensive editing service includes all the checks offered with proofreading, along with additional checks for accuracy. The document is also considered as a whole.

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My professional translation service involves converting a written document from English or Afrikaans into an equivalent, perfectly edited document in Afrikaans or English, respectively.

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My formatting service involves copying and fixing your documents into an already-created Microsoft Word template for a consistently-formatted, professional electronic manuscript.

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She does more than editing and proofreading: She engages with the content in a professional manner, clarifies if a sentence or phrase is ambiguous and always delivers on time.

My latest work

The following illustrates some highlights from my latest work:

Submerge Publishers

I worked on several projects during my two and a half year full-time position at Submerge Publishers. These projects included editing and proofreading two bi-monthly scuba diving magazines and one bi-annual scuba diving medical magazine; editing and formatting documents of a technical nature, including journal articles, theses and engineering reports; creating templates; rewriting reports for a different target audience and working extensively on annual reports.

Freelance projects

  • Transcribing and translating several interviews for a Masters in Psychology dissertation
  • Extensive editing on an honours dissertation in the geography field of study
  • Translating a constitution for a non-profit organisation
  • Editing journal articles

Muhammad Naveed

Project involves editing and proofreading various academic articles for a variety of international students.

Useful Human Media

Project includes editing and proofreading technical documents, including blog posts, articles and website content, in the IT field.

During these projects I have proven the following:

on time

I always deliver work on time.

first rate work

I always deliver first rate work.

within budget

I aways stay within the budget.

satisfied clients

I always ensure clients are satisfied.

I can confidently say that our standard of proposals is much higher due to her – it’s hard to imagine how we won big contracts before she helped us.

Pricing plans

My competitive rates are based on the type of document, the complexity of the content, the number of words or pages in the original document and the deadline. For an accurate quote, please provide as much details as possible about the project, such as the word or page count, document type, deadline and type of services required.

If you require a Microsoft Office template to be created, please contact me for a quote.



  • Price per 100 words
  • Light form of editing of major errors



  • Price per 100 words
  • Comprehensive form of editing



  • Price per 100 words
  • Includes editing the final text



  • Price per page
  • Includes fixing all formatting issues

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I will reply at my earliest convenience.

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